Delmarva Peninsula 2006

Mike and Kelli at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Sanctuary, Delaware.

Snowy Egret at Bombay N.W.R. 

Black-necked Stilts at Port Mahon Road, Delaware

Horseshoe Crabs


Common Grackle at Cape Henelopen, Delaware.


Red-throated Loon at Cape Henelopen.

Turkey Vultures and a Black Vulture feeding on carcass in Maryland.

Brown-headed Nuthatch at Shad Landing Park, Maryland.

Mike and Kelli at Milburn Landing, Maryland.

White-eyed Vireo nest found at Milburn Landing.


Red-banded Hairstreak at Milburn Landing.


View from our motel balcony into Chincoteague NWR, Virginia.

Laughing Gull Pool Party

Mike and Kelli enjoying lunch on the beach.


Just hatched baby Painted Turtle.


Red-headed Woodpecker at Blackwater NWR, Maryland.


Wood thrush on nest.


Pink Lady Slipper.


Bald Eagles at Blackwater NWR Maryland.

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Michael and Kelli

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